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Our version of some history...

Back in the mid 1800's, the community around what we today call Pronto was being settled close to the Clay Hill Church. One of the prominent landowners in the area was Mr. A.C. Bass. Mr. George C. Collier was wanting to start a business in the area and inquired to Mr. Bass about the possibility of purchasing some land to construct a general store thereon. As a part of the conversation, Mr. Bass inquired as to the goods that Mr. Collier would be selling.

We are sure that Mr. Collier replied by saying that he would have all the items that mules, horses, pigs, cows and oh yeah - people would need. The conversation continued and Mr. Bass, a pro-temperance man, inquired as to whether Mr. Collier would be selling alcohol at his proposed general store. To which Mr. Collier apparently answered "YES".

Mr. Bass informed Mr. Collier that he would not be able to sell any land. Mr. Collier wound up going about two miles south where he could purchase a parcel of land for his general store. He built his store and began to sell all of the goods he had planned including alcoholic beverages of the time. A community formed around the store and for a while was known as "Collier's Store" - that community we now know as the City of Brundidge.

The store Mr. Collier constructed was just a few doors south of our restaurant, but we would like to honor Mr. Collier's spirit and persistence to pursue his goals in spite of some of his neighbors' ideas otherwise.   

We hope that our goods and services are up to your approval and that you return many times to our establishment as we make some history of our own.

This is a spot to relax and unwind. It’s a relaxed place for people who want to enjoy good food and entertainment and be treated with respect. This is affordable dining where everyone is welcome, and we feel like it’s a place people like to be to enjoy themselves and have fun.
— Mo Caraway, Owner/Manager